Expungements and Record-Sealing

In addition to defending you against felonies, misdemeanors, and infractions, we will also assist you in dealing with immigration consequences related to criminal charges, and help keep your record clean with expungements, early probation termination, and record sealing.


  • Motion to dismiss
  • 1203.4 petition

Early Probation Termination:

  • Motion for early probation termination


  • Motion to Seal adult arrest records

Immigration-related Proceedings:

  • Motion to vacate judgment
  • Nunc pro tunc motion

Goldstein Legal Office’s Client success stories:

  • Before hiring Goldstein Legal Office, Client pled guilty to grand theft of Medi-Cal benefits and was placed on three years of probation. Client had a full-time job, but was unable to obtain a supervisory promotion unless she was no longer on probation. Client hired Goldstein Legal Office to attempt to terminate her probation early, after only one-and-a-half years. Goldstein Legal Office worked closely with Client to obtain outstanding character letters from Client’s employer, colleagues, and members of her community, and Goldstein Legal Office successfully petitioned the Court for early probation termination. Client subsequently received her work promotion.
  • Before hiring Goldstein Legal Office, Client was convicted of petty theft and placed on three years of probation. Goldstein Legal Office successfully petitioned Court for early probation termination so that Client could apply for United States citizenship. Six months later, Client became a naturalized citizen.


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