Other Criminal Offenses

Insurance Crimes:

  • Filing false insurance claim
  • Practicing insurance without license
  • Practicing insurance on suspended license

Crimes Against Government:

  • Perjury
  • Resisting arrest
  • Filing a false police report
  • False affidavit
  • Contempt of court


  • Gang enhancement
  • Weapon enhancement
  • Gun enhancement
  • Great bodily injury

Probation violations:

  • Bench warrants
  • Failure to appear
  • Vague probation conditions
  • Modification of probation

Goldstein Legal Office’s Client success stories:

  • Client was criminally charged with practicing insurance without a license, after her insurance license had previously been suspended. Goldstein Legal Office conducted a thorough investigation of Client’s business and met with the California Department of Insurance to discuss the complicated issues and determine whether Client could eventually qualify for a license to practice insurance in the future. Goldstein Legal Office eventually negotiated a favorable disposition with the prosecutor that included a plea to a non-insurance code violation, no custody time, and a short probationary period, so that Client would be able to obtain a valid insurance license in the near future.
  • Client worked at an automobile shop. Client was charged with felony perjury charges, for improperly certifying under penalty of perjury that previously salvaged cars were in working condition. Goldstein Legal Office hired an automobile expert and showed prosecutor that client’s conduct was consistent with industry standards. Prosecutor agreed to misdemeanor conviction with no jail time.


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